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Self Sealing Pouches
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Self Sealing Pouches

Self Sealing Pouches

CHARACTERS AS FOLLOWSSee-Through,Excellent peelabililty Quickly,Self-Adhesive strip sealed Produced from imported paper m

See-Through,Excellent peelabililty.
Quickly,Self-Adhesive strip sealed.
Produced from imported paper meeting EN868-3 and the pou-ches are in compliance with EN868-1.
Non-toxic accurate,process indicators for steam,EO gas conform-ing to the EN 867-2,suitable for steam and ethylene oxide sterili-zation.
Characters and indicators are printed in the sealing part,keep the pouches chean and tidy.
Packed in boxes of 200 pieces.

STEP ONE:Place item in pouch
STEP TWO:Peel off protective strip
STEP THREE:Fold along perforations
STEP FOUR:Press down firmly from the centre outwards

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