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Injection Kits
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 Injection Kits

Injection Kits

Description of the product: The Injection kits are assembled by Micro-Cannula,Hypodermic needle,Hypodermic needles with bee needle hub
Injection Kits
Description of the product:
  • Sterile Injection kits for single use containing:
-- 1 Micro-Cannula;
-- 1 Hypodermic needle;
-- 1 Micro-Cannula + 1 Hypodermic needle;
-- 1 Micro-Cannula + 1 Hypodermic needles with bee needle hub.
  • The Micro-Cannula has a mark indicating the blunt needle side port direction on the needle hub, and a scale mark every centimeter(10mm) on the needle tube to facilitate the user to judge the injection depth;
  • All needles are available in various lengths and sizes ,and consisting of needle hub, needle tube and protect cap.
  • Lubricant: Medical silicone oil;
  • Sterilized by ethylene oxide.
Product Conformance:
In compliance with European Medical Directive 93/42/EEC(CE Class:IIa)
Quality Assurance:
Manufacturing process is in compliance with ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 Quality System.
Main material:
SUS304 Stainless steel, PP, ABS, Silicone oil.
Made of high quality stainless steel
Micro-Cannula with blunt tips
Three types of needles can be used in combination to provide customers with more options
Production of all kinds of special needles required by customers
Sterile, Single use

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