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The purpose is to establish a passageway from the puncture position to the lesion or to the distal end through the lesion to assist other instruments in positioning
Type I
1、SS304V core with PTFE coating: providing improved smooth device delivery and guide wire trackability
2、Nitinol core design: for excellent durability and tip shape retention
3、TTungsten based polymer jacket with hydrophilic coating: enables enhanced visualization and steering ability
4、Dual core technology: for smooth transition between Nitinol core to NiSS304V core
Type II
1、Special designed dispenser to achieve easy flush 
2、High quality 304 stainless steel with PTFE coating
3、J tip radius : 3mm
Type III
1、High quality Niti core wire enables 1:1 torque control for better navigation and faster vessel selection
2、TPU jacket with tungsten providing excellent visibility under X-ray
3、Unique coating technology ensure a lubricant surface durable


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